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IX Ibero-American Prize in Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

  January 4th 2017


For researchers in the area of Sociology, Political Science, Demography and Social Anthropology.

More information and details are available here.

11th edition of the Carlos V European Awards (Spain)

  December 13th 2016


The call for the 11th edition of the Carlos V European Awards is now open. It will be held annually and open to individuals, initiatives, institutions and projects.

The Carlos V European Awards organised by The European Academy of Yuste Foundation will be held on an annual basis from now on and be open to individuals, initiatives, institutions and projects that have contributed to exalting the European Union. Awards will be delivered on the 9th of May, European Union Day, at the Monastery of Yuste.

Until now, awards were given every two years and only to highlighted celebrities, for their contribution to the idea of Europe. However, the reason for the changes to the eleventh edition is to recognise the contributions to the general knowledge and towards exalting the cultural, social, scientific and historical values of Europe, and building and integrating Europe from any sphere of society.

The director general of Exterior Affairs, Rosa Balas, and the director of The European Academy of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno, have informed about these novelties and that the call to submit candidacies is now open. The term shall run from today, the 5th December, until the 31st January 2017.

The director of The European Academy of Yuste Foundation said that candidacies must be submitted both in English and Spanish, and be endorsed by institutions, entities, associations, etc. Candidates must also belong to the sphere of the countries of European Union, the European Free Trade Association or candidate countries for adhesion to the EU, and ensure the acceptance of the award and the attendance of the award winners at the awards ceremony and any activities organised in this respect.

The financial allocation for this 11th Edition of the Carlos V European Awards is 30,000 euros. Documentation may be sent by email to, by registered mail or delivered by hand to The European Academy of Yuste Foundation.

The Carlos V European Awards, an award that has been recognising the role carried out by the leading characters and driving forces behind the European building process since 1995, was created with the purpose of rewarding the individuals, organisations, projects or initiatives that have contributed to the general knowledge and exaltation of the cultural, social, scientific and historical values of Europe, as well as the building and integration process of Europe with their efforts and dedication.

The award shall be given by the Board of The European Academy of Yuste Foundation at the proposal of a jury formed by renowned celebrities in the scientific, cultural, historiographical, institutional, academic, social, or political spheres.

A total of 22 candidates from organisations of 7 countries of the European Union came forward in the last edition, and 17 was the total number of candidates nominated to receive a Carlos V European Award.


During the presentation of the new edition, the director general of Exterior Affairs, Rosa Balas, said that the Carlos V European Awards will take a step forward by becoming an annual award, and she also highlighted that, as the ceremony will be held on or around the European Union Day, it will become a “regional, national and European event that will bring together the driving force behind the European building process”. She also said that the award is linked to the concession of European research and mobility scholarships for European studies.

Those who have received this award are inspiring examples for the rest of society and with their recognition, we have sought to give more visibility to the significant advancements achieved while remaining united in Europe. A good example of this is the last award winner, the Italian teacher, Sofia Corradi, the driving force behind the most important European student exchange programme: Erasmus.

In times where Europe needs role models that strengthen and reinforce the cohesion between countries to give answers to the pressing challenges of a globalised world, the Carlos V European Awards would like to place value on all the efforts and work of the role models that make possible a more robust, social and democratic Europe.

Find attach call for candidates

Nuria Verdiguier Cerón
Responsable de Comunicación
Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste
Real Monasterio de Yuste s/n
10430 Cuacos de Yuste-Cáceres
Tel: +34 927 014090 / 610610160

Opening of the contest “Wear the U.Porto T-Shirt! 2016/2017”

  November 11th 2016


The 2016/2017 edition of the “Wear the U.Porto T-Shirt” contest has opened on 8th November!

Students were invited to participate in the contest, by taking a photo wearing the U.Porto t-shirt in a creative environment. The contest has two categories, one dedicated to incoming students and other dedicated to outgoing students. 

  • International students studying at U.Porto (incoming) are invited to be as creative as possible and send a photo that pictures their mobility period in Porto city.
  • U.Porto students undertaking a mobility period abroad (outgoing) will have the chance to send their creative photo wearing the U.Porto t-shirt in the countries where they are undertaking their mobility period.

The contest is divided by semester so that all international students have the chance to participate. The winners are announced at the end of each semester.

This year’s prizes will be announced very soon through the International platform.

Syrian student receives award for best curricular performance

  October 18th 2016


The Institute of public health of the University of Porto (ISPUP), welcomed on 17 October the new students of the postgraduate programmes in public health and health education, with an opening session of the new academic year 2016/2017.

During this session, the students with best curricular performance of the masters and Doctorate in public health from the Institute, in the academic year 2013-2014: Sausan Al Hamwi and Teresa Monjardino, respectively, were awarded a prize and had the opportunity to give a testimonial to the new students.

The Syrian student Sausan Al Hamwi, is a U.Porto Scholarship holder enrolled in the Master programme in the framework of the Global Platform 4 Syrian Students, a programme with financial and institutional support of the University of Porto.

The Platform past and future work was presented during the Session and Sausan and  the presents have also received a message of congratulations from Dr. Jorge Sampaio, former President of the Republic of Portugal and President of the Global Platform.

The Prize consists of funding for studies/research and is awarded by R&D unit of FCT (refªUID/DTP/04750/2013) of ISPUP-EPIUnit.

Results: Competition "Wear the U.Porto t-shirt"

  October 4th 2016


The jury of the photo contest "Wear the U.Porto t-shirt", promoted by the International Relations Office, within which a total of 110 photographs of U.Porto students, 49 incoming and outgoing students,  were submitted by filling out the online form available on this platform, gathered today.

After a selection of the best photos, the highest score was for the original photo of Chiara Rotter, from the University of Primorska, Slovenia:

The jury also deliberated to commend the photos of Alla Tirsina, from the National Center of Public Health, Moldova, and João Carlos Araujo, from FEP/U.PORTO.


Thank you all for your valuable participation!

We wish you many successes in your future experiences!

Award: Inspiring Project 2016

  September 22nd 2016


The Mobile+ Project, coordinated by the University of Porto, and approved in 2015 within the framework of the action "International Credit Mobility" of the Erasmus+ Programme, was awarded by the National Agency Erasmus+ as "Inspiring Project 2016".

The Mobile+, the largest project in Portugal in this category, with almost 1 million euros of allocated funding, involves Higher Education Institutions from nearly 30 countries from outside Europe from 4 continents, and promotes the mobility of students and academics and administrative staff, in both directions, IN and OUT, through the allocation of 225 scholarships.

The award, presented at a ceremony on September 21, in the space GNR'ation, in Braga, which aimed to distinguish the best practices in Portugal, is another important recognition of the strategy for the promotion of internationalization that the U.Porto has been carrying out in recent years, in particular concerning the participation and coordination of European projects and consortia of international mobility for students, academic and administrative staff.

EAIE Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation

  September 13th 2016


The University of Porto was awarded the 2016 Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation by the European Association for International Education (EAIE), which annually rewards European higher education institutions more actively committed to innovate in their internationalization.

This award was received by the University of Porto in September 2016, during the annual EAIE Conference, by the Vice Rector for external relations and culture, Profª. Maria de Fatima Marinho, during the opening ceremony of the Conference, which was held this year in Liverpool (United Kingdom).

The University of Porto is thus recognized by the largest association in the sector, with the internationalisation strategy that has being carried out in the last years, in particular with regards to the participation and coordination of international projects.
The proactive attitude adopted by International Relations Office in applications to EU funded Education and Training Programmes – in particular the Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus +, allowed the University of Porto to take part in a record number of international partnerships and consortia thus linking U.Porto to a thousand universities, in five continents, supporting more than 7600 mobility and involving a global funding of EUR 165 million.

In this way, and despite the financial and economic crisis in the country, the University of Porto managed to strengthen and expand its international visibility, and to diversify its funding sources to support the internationalisation process.

But more importantly, to be a part of these international consortia, the University of Porto secured guaranteed solid partnerships with nearly 1000 universities from all regions of the world, including the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries and Asia, where the University had no tradition of international cooperation.

In fact, the opening to new cooperation opportunities is one of the pillars of the current internationalisation strategy of the University of Porto. In addition to participating in consortia, the institution has focused on the establishment of bilateral cooperation agreements with universities in countries where the U. Porto hasn't had significant presence and cooperation.

All these efforts have resulted in an increase in the number of international students attending the University of Porto. Only in 2015/16 academic year, the University received a record number of international students and researchers, 3,607 of 167 different nationalities. In the opposite direction, 1,250 students from the U. Porto had the opportunity to perform a mobility in 45 different countries.