Cine Mundus - Cinema Sessions

  June 6th 2018


ERACON 2018: ERASMUS Congress 2018

  May 8th 2018



SUBMIT YOUR PRESENTATION – Share your knowledge and experience

Time to submit a presentation, workshop or session in one of the themes of the ERACON Congress. Abstracts should be sent to, following the instructions for preparation abstracts.



Sessions, Worksops, Roundtables are welcome!

Send your proposal to with an abstract for the Session or Workshop or Roundtable with full contacts. Approved proposals will be communicated and puplished.
More info at


Exhibit your university for networking and meet colleagues for developing new exchange and cooperation agreements between your institutions.

The GO-Exchange Education Fair runs within ERACON, during which each University could provide information to other Universities on the programmes offered and arrangements for academic and student mobility, as well as Erasmus+ Student Placements and staff training opportunities. The Fair is expected to serve also as a basis for developing cooperation between EU and NON-EU Universities for supporting international mobility. European Enterprises are also invited to promote cooperation for Erasmus+ Placements and Internships and other actions under Erasmus+. The GO-Exchange Fair will take place in the afternoon of 9 May 2018.

More information can be found here

You can register for GO-EXCHANGE FAIR here

Launch of the Rec-Mat Project

  March 6th 2018


From the 6th to the 8th of March, the University of Porto will welcome around 20 participants from European, Brazilian and Argentinian institutions to launch the project "Rec-Mat: Recognition Matters". The Kick-off meeting marks the start of the project funded by the European Commission for the next 3 years (until 2020), through the Erasmus+ programme’s action 2 Capacity Building Higher Education.

Partners will work in the field of academic recognition, with the objective of contributing to facilitate the mobility of students between Latin America and Europe and reduce barriers related to the process of academic recognition. The 648,228 thousand euros of funding for the project will support activities and joint work of the partners, so as to enable Higher Education Institutions to implement fairer and more transparent processes in these regards.

The Rec-Mat project is based on the vast experience of partners in the LA region, and the challenges identified over time, in relation to different Educational Systems, principles, practices and tools to support of academic recognition. The project brings proven innovation through its activities, linking the political and practical dimensions inherent to the recognition of academic training, during student mobility (teaching staff training activities, piloting of case studies and policy debate activities).

Rec-Mat’s methodology is also original in the proposed target audiences and actors involved: not only the International Relations and Academic departments, but also professors (coordinators and programme directors), authorities identified as key decision makers in the process of recognition, as well as IT technical staff involved in developing support tools/information systems.

Through the project’s implementation, partners also intend to raise awareness among teaching staff for the importance of full academic recognition as well as for the relevance of the internationalisation of HE, through a peer approach. These objectives will be achieved through the project activities, such as the Rec-Mat blended training with a physical and online component (MOOC) which aims to bring together Latin American professors who are ‘resistant' to the reality of international mobility and distant from the bologna rationale - with more experienced and ‘pro-internationalisation’ colleagues of its institutions as well as of the European partners. In addition to training activities, in the context of the project real mobility pilot case studies will be promoted, with the goal of evidencing successful practical examples.

The partners intend to so build capacity of the involve institutions, to prepare them to frame formal academic recognition, at institutional level as well as to develop concrete technical solutions (tools/systems), to facilitate this process.

Through the publication of a final compendium and the organisation of national and international public events, partners intend to also bring the topic to a wide discussion by encouraging other institutions to adopt more transparent procedures and to share the innovative results of the Rec -Mat project (namely the MOOC, the compendium and its conclusions paper).

U.Porto organizes trainings for academic and administrative staff from southeast Asia

  March 27th 2017


Within the scope of the NutriSEA Project (Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education), U.Porto hosted from 27th to 31st of March the second training sessions on Internationalisation and Pedagogics.

The former was targeted at 10 staff members from the International Office of six different Higher Education Institutions from Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. It included training in several relevant topics such as international projects’ financial management, local management of international cooperation activities, institutional agreements for the development of cooperation, modernization and innovation using digital tools, among others.

The latter was targeted at six academic staff members of six Higher Education Institutions from the same countries and counted with the collaboration of several internal and also external trainers. The agenda included sessions such as “Building multiple-choice questions – Basic principles”, “Educational Technologies, Google Classroom and other platforms”, “Quality assessment of multiple choice exams”, “Teaching strategies for large classes”, among others.

This was also the opportunity for the NutriSEA participants to network with Higher Education Institutions’ representatives from all over the world, as the trainings were held simultaneously with one further edition of the U.Porto InterWeek.

The NutriSEA project aims to build human resources capacity to ensure a sustainable food value chain model based on entrepreneurship and creating added value to the natural resources supporting food production in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar). Furthermore the project aims to enhance university-enterprise cooperation as well as regional and (inter)national cooperation and networking.

USS univie: summer school (Austria)

  January 24th 2017


USS univie: summer school

SWC Scientific World Conceptions


Vienna, July 3-14, 2017

Over the last two decades, genomics has emerged as a powerful site for not just re-configuring understandings and enactments of life, but also for understanding how these conceptions and enactments form in tandem with modes of ordering and governing lives. The two-week course explores conceptual innovations that draw these co-productive  processes into view, as well as the histories and philosophies that deepen our understandings of not just genomics, but also our ever elusive efforts to make sense of life.

Course fee: EUR 880,-

Lodging in student dormitories is available at approximately EUR 400-450 for the whole duration of the course.

Application deadline: February 15, 2017 (Later applications may be considered if space is still available)

For further inquiries, please send email to: or consult the IVC's Website.

Resident Associate Researchers Network (Peru)

  January 23rd 2017


USIL International Center for Studies and Research - Cusco is launching the Resident Associate Researchers Network. If you travel to Peru for a short-term or a long-term research visit, you can join our University community, with no cost, as a Resident Associate Researcher, status that gives you the following benefits:

  • Institutional support of the USIL (recommendation letters upon request)
  • The right to use our campus facilities: library, computer lab, Wi-Fi
  • Logistic orientation and advisory by our staff
  • Institutional contacts upon request
  • Advisory in case of emergency

If you want to feel at home during your research visit to Cusco, you are most welcome at USIL.

In addition to the above described free of cost Network membership, we optionally offer qualified tutorship/supervision for your research project by one of our professors, for payment.

Your file will be evaluated by the USIL academic authorities and you will receive a letter of acceptance.

Contact: and

Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

  January 23rd 2017

  Staff Weeks

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Please find here our Staff Training Course offer for next June. Kindly share it with your Colleagues and Partners as long as it might be of their interest.


Target group: teaching and non-teaching University Staff

Monday, 12th June – Friday, 16th June 2017

Best regards from Valencia

Claudio Benavent
International Officer ETSIAMN
Phone: +34-96-3879132
Surface mail address:
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
ETSIAMN - Relaciones Internacionales
Camino de Vera s/n
46022 Valencia

Summer Academy "Intercultural Experience" (Germany)

  January 23rd 2017


More information is available here.

"Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience - P.R.I.M.E." (Germany)

  January 20th 2017


More information is available here.

Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

  January 20th 2017

  Staff Weeks

Dear colleagues,

we hope this email finds you well.

On behalf of Freie Universitaet Berlin, we would like to invite you to our

International Week 2017 (26th to 30th of June, 2017)

Career Services: Enhancing International Cooperation

Library: Libraries in Motion - Structures and Services

Further Education: Human Resources & Further Education for University Staff - beyond the national focus

We have composed three programmes full of variety - there will be workshops, group events, tours, presentations, sportive activities, and of course time to connect and network.

How to participate? Our application phase for the International Week 2017 has begun and we will accept registrations until March 17th 2017. Please visit our website for more information and necessary documents.

If you would like to apply for participation, please download the application form from the website and send us the completed version via email to Please note that the selection of participants will be done no earlier than the middle of April 2017, after we have closed the application phase. You will receive confirmations of participation from us in the middle of April.

In case of questions, remarks, or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me via this email address:

We are looking forward to receiving your registration and to welcoming you to our institution in June for an interesting and fun International Week 2017!

Best wishes from Berlin,

Gesa Heym-Halayqa
Erasmus Institutional Coordinator / PROMOS-Koordinatorin
Abteilung Internationales - International Office
Freie Universität Berlin
Iltisstr. 4 (U-Bahnhof Dahlem Dorf)
D-14195 Berlin
Tel.: (++49 30) 838 73443