Interweek: Is Erasmus for all?


14 to 17 November 2022

Dear Interweekers,

The University of Porto is pleased to announce its 2022 Interweek Edition: "Is Erasmus for all?".

We open the University of Porto to our partners and to all interested foreign universities in order to strengthen international cooperation by encouraging the exchange of best practices and experiences.

The programme is designed with the intention to offer an enriching international and intercultural learning experience and the opportunity to discuss interesting and important topics on Inclusion, Diversity, Gender Equality and Mentorship.

The issues are typically exposed through interactive group sessions including workshops and short certificated training courses, among others activities.

We hope that the International Staff Training Week of the University of Porto "Is Erasmus for all?" will be a valuable experience and give an insight of the work of our Institution to our partners and other foreign universities.

There is a fee for the Interweek of 100€ that will include:

Information Kit

Networking activities

Cultural Activities




Certificate of attendance

Since the number of participants will be limited, we recommend the interested candidates to fill in this online application form into account the following application deadlines for this edition.

The selection results will be sent to each participant shortly after the application deadline. After the admission, the participants will receive the final programme.

Please feel free to contact the International Office through the e-mail if any doubt arises.

Deadline to submit this form: 29th of September 2022.

Registrations are closed.