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Fundación Carolina - Scholarships for PhD professors of Portuguese and Brazilian nationality

Fundación Carolina and the Tordesillas Group signed a Collaboration Agreement during the celebration of the XVIII Meeting of Rectors of the University of Aveiro in 2017. Under this agreement, the Tordesillas Group and Fundación Carolina will jointly finance short-stay research grants for PhD professors of Brazilian and Portuguese nationality.

The short-stay scholarships aim to complete the post-doctoral training of professors of the Brazilian and Portuguese university centers that integrate the Tordesillas Group:

Beneficiaries of this short-term post-doctoral program must remain in Spain for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months and must be supervised by a specialist from a Spanish receiving center member of the Tordesillas Group. This stay should cover the period from September 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2019.

Through the Carolina Foundation, the Tordesillas Group will select the candidates.

For the academic year 2018/19, the Carolina Foundation has 10 scholarships for short stays.


-Being a Brazilian or Portuguese citizen;

- Have a PhD degree;

- To be a lecturer at a Brazilian or Portuguese university that is a member of the Tordesillas Group, with

 return institutional commitment, at the end of the stay;

- Meet the requirements of curricular excellence and professional experience;

- Comply with the legal or contractual requirements established by the Tordesillas Group and the Foundation


- Have previously obtained the invitation from the university or Spanish institution where the research is carried out;

- It will be valued positively if the candidate is collaborating with one of the Doctoral Colleges of Tordesillas


- Not be resident in Spain;

The benefits of the scholarships:

 Touristic airfare;

 Non-pharmaceutical medical insurance;

 The amount of 1.200€ per month, in terms of accommodation and maintenance.

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To request this scholarship, please contact the Tordesillas Group by email:

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Call (Start)2018-03-01
Call (End)2018-04-05
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