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1 - Academic application procedures

The deadlines for submission of international students´ applications are:

Full Academic year – 15st May (results announced from June)
1st semester - 15st May (results announced from June)
2nd semester – 15th October (results announced from November)

Students selected by their Home Institution have to register online in order to get the username and password needed to access the Application Form, in the U.Porto website: >International >Life at U.Porto> Administrative Procedures -> Ask for login
The system will, automatically, send an e-mail to the registered students containing the username and password.

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We strongly advise all students interested in undertaking a mobility period at the U.Porto to read the Online Application Guide also available in the same page (sidebar on the right).

For a more effective and easier way to fill the Application, before accessing the Application Form, we recommend students to organize all the information and personal documents with the responsible for the mobility at the Home Institution, essential for submission of the application. Once the online application form is fully completed, it must be submitted by the student.
Next, students must printthe PDF file of the Application Form and collect the signature and stamp of the Mobility Coordinator. To conclude the application, students must make the upload of all needed documents in ONE file (Application Form duly signed and stamped by your Home Institution, transcript of records, personal documents, etc).
Once all these stages are concluded, the application will be analysed by the University of Porto.

In order to know detailed information about academic calendar, study catalogues, course programmes, ECTS guide (Credit System  applied at the U.Porto) and dates for the exams, we advise students to consult our Education Offer  as well as each Faculty's site (under 'Cursos / Degrees'). For additional information, students may also contact directly the Faculty of interest, whose contacts are available in the same page. Information in English is available by clicking on the British flag at the top of the pages.


2 – Preparation of the Mobility

Students should organize their travel according to the Academic Calendar of the U.Porto, ensuring they will arrive to the beautiful city of Porto on time to participate in all academic and integration activities specially planned and organized by the University of Porto.

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Students that, for any reason, cannot attend classes from the first day, should arrive no later than the end of the first week of classes.
In order to help clarifying the most frequent doubts from international students, the U.Porto International Office prepared the International Student Guide. Therefore, to better prepare their mobility before the departure to Porto, all students should read it carefully.


3 – Teaching Language and Portuguese Language Courses

Each course´s teaching language is identified in the Education Offer of the U.Porto.
In this respect, it is noteworthy that the University of Porto does not impose any mandatory language requirements to international students. However, most of the subjects lectured are taught in Portuguese.

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Each student must check with the Faculty/Department the specific requirements (linguistic and academic) to apply to the U.Porto. It is worth mentioning that the U.Porto may also provide a tutorial support, whenever possible, in English to students that request for it. Also note that, some teachers may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this situation can only be agreed upon arrival and decisions are taken on a case-by-case basis.

More detailed information about the Portuguese Language Courses offered at the U.Porto, is available online.
For other Language Courses please check the list of Continuing Training Course

or contact our Faculty of Arts:
Mr. Pedro Oliveira
Gabinete de Português para Estrangeiros
Faculty of Arts
Phones: +351 22 607 71 65
Fax: + 351 22 609 16 10


4 – Accommodation

Regarding the accommodation, we inform you that the International Office only manages accommodation in the University Halls of Residence

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Halls of Residence:
- Students can apply for accommodation when filling the Student Application Form
- The request will be only considered after the approval of the Learning Agreement proposed
- The attribution of places is done by the International Office of the U.Porto, by order of the application´s acceptance
- The submission of the request does not guarantee the attribution of a place in the University of Porto Halls of Residence
Private accommodation:
The U.Porto  provides a list of private accommodations available in the city, however, since the management of these requests is external to the University, it cannot assume any responsibility in the attribution of this type of accommodation.
Students interested in receiving the List of Private Accommodation should send an e-mail with the request to:


5 - ESN - Erasmus Student Network

To help students in their integration in the U.Porto and city, there is a group of voluntary Portuguese students, ESN-Porto.

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International students who wish to get support from this group, should get in contact with them, before or upon the arrival in the city, through their contact: In case international students are interested in getting a more personalized support, they may ask for a Buddy (Tutor), either by e-mail ( or by accessing the ESN-PORTO website to get the needed information on how to request for it.

For more information, please contact:


Looking forward to welcoming you at the U.Porto!